The SWF Team

Lt Gen Shafqaat Ahmed (R)

We are conscious of our strengths in being the leading fertilizer company in Pakistan to play a useful role in society. By leveraging that power to the full extent we have helped lift the living standards of people in the regions and outside where we do business.

Brig Abid Mahmud(R)
Chief Operating Officer

Our strategy is to implement responsible business practices aligned with the Global Compact 10 principles and catalyze action to advance sustainable progress.

Lt Col Nasrullah (R)

From Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals our vision is to create sustainable and promising future.

Ali Azizuddin
Coodinator SWF

The evolving role of business in society is the transition from wealth maximization to social maximization.

Hamid Abbasi
Team SWF

Our progressive approach to community is intrinsic to our moral compass.

Kaiser Nawaz
Team SWF

High business performance cannot be achieved without taking the lead in sustainability.

Sadaf Khan
Team SWF

Philanthropy can embrace the enormous potential we have as a Nation.