Waqas Ali Abbasi

Bronze Medalist PowerPoint 2013 – MOS World Championship 2015 (Dallas, USA)
Bronze Medalist Word 2013 – MOS World Championship 2016 (Orlando, USA)

My journey to the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship 2016 at Disneyland, Orlando, Florida, USA didn’t start on 6 August (the day of our flight) but much before it. In the days of March of 2016, I took a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam (sponsored by SWF) for free in Word 2013 and managed to score high enough to qualify in the top 16 of my category for the national championship. Then, I along with 20 other students of my school (FFC Grammar School Mirpur Mathelo) went to Karachi in June to take the National exam.

Finally, by late July, the results were announced and my name was in the six-person Pakistani team for the MOS World Championship. Unfortunately, there was no sponsorship and we were asked to pay the expenses of the trip ourselves but in that time SWF stepped up to sponsor three of us FFC students fully.

Then, in the first week of August, I along with Shahzaib Ishaq and Sulaiman Javed (schoolmates) went to Karachi. After a few press interviews, we were finally on our way to Orlando alongside two more national champions (from Islamabad and Karachi), Madam Rukhsana Zuberi (President TEC Education Foundation) and two chaperones.

On the long journey to the “New World”, we the national champions had long time to interact and that was the start of a bond and friendship that still stands strong. After two stops at Doha and New York, we finally reached Orlando at the night of 6 August.

As other national champions from other countries arrived, we made many new friends, learned a lot about other people and their stories and had great interactions. We tried new foods and visited the nearby Disney Springs. The next day was the long awaited “Day of the Championship” and after long hours of waiting (as my test was in the afternoon), I finally took my test. Unfortunately, the test went very bad and as soon as I got out, I told my team: Don’t expect a medal from my side. In an attempt to forget the test, we found other things to do such as playing different kind of games and activities in the playing area and swimming in the Hotel swimming pool. The next day was the “Disney Day” and it really was a magical day as we saw our childhood favorites and fantasies come to life.

Finally, on the last day, the results were announced. Dressed in green and white, at least I wasn’t expecting a medal but what came next, I still remember and am still proud of that. Continuing our great record, we won two medals. Shahzaib Ishaq won a bronze in Word 2010 and I in Word 2013. It was Pakistan’s second attempt and despite inadequate training, we won again. Overall, this was once in a lifetime experience and I had my best memories there. And all this wouldn’t have been possible if we had not the support of Fauji Fertilizer Company, our school FFC Grammar School Mirpur Mathelo, our families and our teachers.

Shah Zaib Ishaq (O’Level) – Bronze Medalist

Microsoft Office Word 2010
FFC Grammar School - MM

Introduction of Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) World Championship 2016 The Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship presented by Certiport, Inc. is a global competition that tests students’ skills on Microsoft Office Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® (2010 or 2013). Top students are invited to represent their respective countries at the World Championship. In some countries or regions, students are required to participate in a National Championship, and the winners of that event continue on to the World Championship. MOS is a powerful instrument for assessing student skills and preparing students for real-world application. It boosts academic performance and prepares them for college and career. MOS certification gives students a commanding competitive edge in today's academic and professional environments.

Initial Rounds First of all, there was a school round in which all of the students of school were allowed to participate in this competition. Everyone was given an open choice to select their category for competition (i.e. Word 2010/2013, Powerpoint 2010/2013, Excel 2010/2013) and I selected Microsoft Word 2010 category. The CSR department of SWF sponsored the students by providing free vouchers for training at Gmetrix (Software) and free vouchers for the test. After this round, top 100 students from Pakistan were selected by TEC Education Foundation and were selected for the National round held on 24th July in Karachi. I was selected among these 100 students. Later on, the result of National round was announced and I was declared as National Champion in Word 2010 Category.

International Round This competition proved to be really helpful for me. It was a new and thrilling experience. Participating in another country and competing with students from all over the world is a learning in itself. I learnt how to socialize with people of other countries and I learnt that networking is important for all.

Moreover, I got to know that how to manage time and how to work under pressure. This competition gave a new look to my thinking. It opened my mind. Furthermore, I learned to work independently. Even my concentration level was increased. Apart from this, it gave me a chance to greatly increase the circle of my friends. The competition itself was hard and challenging. The tip is to focus on your work and complete it within the given time. And most important of all, do not panic. I believe that such competitions are really beneficial as they help immensely in boosting up your confidence level and enhancing your skills. They also bring considerable improvement in your personality. It came as a surprise to me when I was declared the Bronze Medalist of Microsoft Office Specialist Championship in Word 2010 category. I am grateful to Allah Almighty, my teachers, my parents, my friends and all those who directly or indirectly helped me achieve this. And finally I also thank Fauji Fertilizer Company and its CSR Department for sponsoring all of my travel expenses and for providing this wonderful opportunity.

Muhammad Sulaiman Javed

MOS Powerpoint 2010 National Champion

Representing Pakistan in the MOSWC 2016, were six students, 1 from each category. It was a great honor to see that three of them were from my school including me. The competition was from 7-10 August and all of us started our preparations a month ago.

Our journey started on 4th august, the three of us travelled to Karachi by Daewoo. We were told to reach there (by Tec Education Foundation) one day before because we were to have a press media conference on 6th august in the Karachi press club.

We reached Karachi by 9 o clock. I am really grateful to SWF for assisting us in accommodation in Karachi. The three of us (Waqas Ali, Shah Zaib and me) were joined by Muhammad Umar form NUST, Isl overnight. A pleasant stay of one day in FFC Guest House energized us to the full and we had an excellent show in front of the Karachi Press Media Club. 5th August was a somewhat busy day for us. We did are packing and the shopping which we required before cruising on a long journey to USA.

Journey to USA: Our group included five students and three members of TEC Education Foundation:

At 3:00 A.M we departed for Abu Dhabi from Jinnah International Airport, KHI through Etihad Airways. From there it was a 12 hour flight to John F. Kennedy International Airport, NYC.And then at last we reached Orlando from New York two hours later that day. At 9:00 P.M we checked into Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Hotel.

7th August at the Hotel:
After that tiring journey we all slept long. Next Morning we all visited the Disney Springs Area close to the hotel. There we had breakfast. All the day we explored the huge luxurious hotel and did a bit of shopping as well. In the evening there was little briefing about the details. In the night there was late-night reception party which was aimed to making students relax a bit before the Testing Day. All the different teams from various countries met each other and introduced themselves. Our team elegantly dressed in green was one of the favorites that night

8th August, Testing Day:
That day we were much tensed. It was a busy day and all the day we practiced. Our turn for testing was 5:30 P.M. After the testing we were relieved and were hoping to get at least one position in any format. When the results were announced, two students got bronze Medal 3rd position: Waqas ali & Shahzaib Ishaq in Word category. That day was the best day as we enjoyed their treats as well. Alhamdulillah we helped Pakistan achieve a higher position among the other countries. As Craig Bushman (President Certiport) said: “you all are champions of your own category even if you didn’t win”.

9th August, Disney Land:
The last day of our exciting trip was an off-site trip to Walt Disney World which was the best day of my life. Everyone enjoyed a lot and had countless number of swings and rides. We could not have possibly asked for a better ending to this trip! Thanks to SWF, HEC, TEC and all other people who assisted us on this mission and I hope this journey continues to expand and Inshallah students will bring many laurels for our country. Pakistan Zindabad!!

Mahin Aftab

SWF Ambassador for Women Tennis 2013 - 2015

Junior Women Tennis Champion
I started my career in Pakistan, part of a group of not more than 20 girls who were engaged with competitive tennis. However, lack of competitive tournaments and coaching in Pakistan brought my career to a halt back in 2012, when I was just 11. The road to advancement lied in myself going abroad for training and participation.

At this time of need, I reached out to SWF, which had been a patron to Pakistan regional and national sports. The company based upon my track record and credentials extended its sports ambassadorship to me which was to cover my international training participation in competitions and ITF tournaments. Alhumdulillah, in 2014 and 2015 consecutively, the company offered fully sponsored tennis coaching at world renowned Barcelona Tennis Academy as well as ITF tournaments in Spain, India, Bangkok etc.

This support has been instrumental in my career development, and I thank SWF for keeping my dreams alive.

Mohsin Raza

DAE (1st Year Student)
Tameer-e-Millat Institute of Technology

I belonged to a family which had limited means. I had 5 other siblings younger to me, meaning that they required more resources and attention as compared to me. I opted for science subjects in matric which I passed with high percentage.

However my interest was developing in electrical engineering. Being in rural area of district Rawalpindi, most colleges and universities were quite for from my home. The educational expense along with boarding and lodging in reputed college and institutes was beyond my means and I stood dejected. I got to know of SWF program for 5 annual fully funded scholarships to the underprivileged at Tameer-e-Millat Institute of Technology (TMIT).

By the grace of Almighty I qualified on merit and got admission in electrical engineering discipline. SWF support includes complete educational, boarding and lodging expenses for the entire 3 years program, which has given me the thrust to progress and excel.

Hafiz Najum ul Saqib


I am son of a farmer, belonging to a remote village Lathianwala of district faislabad. There was despair and darkness for my further education after my F.Sc. SWF’s financial assistance filled my heart with hope and happiness.

By the help of SWF scholarship I graduated BS computing with 3.01 GPA and had distinction in 7th semester with 3.67 GPA. I also had first position twice in All Pakistan Speed Programming Competition. SWF has supported me a lot in my studies and now I am capable of continuing my studies at my own as I am employed at a prestigious institution in IT department.

My parents and I stand forever indebted and thankful.

Eman Amjad Khan

Youth diaries session, Goth Maachi, Punjab

Umairs session was truly a breath of fresh air. Being relatively young himself, he connected to his audience of teenagers at a deeper level than someone else might have. His session was very interactive and full of learning, what’s best is that he made it fun due to his casual manner of presenting which helped to really drive home all the things he was trying to tell us, to rile us, the youth, up and motivate us to make the most of our time, to pursue our dreams, and no matter how clichéd its sounds, to remember that the sky is the limit. Nothing can stop us if we are truly determined & motivated except for our own limitations (in our mind) and the hand of God.

One of his main points was that we should give our 100% in everything we do, no matter how insignificant or how gargantuan the task at hand may seem. Over and over, Umair stressed upon the fact that we should believe in ourselves, this is something we need to reminded of, time and time again, because young people often doubt themselves and their abilities especially due to societal pressures and of mentioned rhetorical question, “Log Kya khain ge” I believe all of my friends who were present would agree with my assertion that this seminar was very interesting & incredibly beneficial. The 4 Hours I spent there were definite a good investment of my time and I hope my juniors get many more of the same opportunities in the coming years. Thank you SWF!

Rabia Abbasi

Youth diaries session Mirpur Mathelo, Sindh)

Boom! He entered. Probably another boring 4 hours lecture we thought. However, his opening words stirred us.
"I want you to clap?
Lifelessly we put our hands together.
"Was this your best try? Is this your potential? Your 100 percent?"
His mere words spurred us; off we clapped energetically until our palms hurt. Grabbing the attention of about 200 younsters and keeping them engaged and entertained for hours is a skill very few possess. However, asking teenagers to digest the bitter realities and change their way of thinking and living to lead a meaningful life makes the task even more difficult. But this man, Umair Jalianwala, skillfully connected the dots and helped us see the big picture without boring us. Weaving the ideas together to deliver a strong message, Umair Jalianwala went on from shunning the myths inherent in our culture, getting out of our comfort zone, taking off the layers of false beliefs and limitations engulfing us to picturizing our dreams and working our 100 % to achieve them. What if I told you who is your biggest enemy? Without doubt it is the 'bobo' within us that stops us from thinking outside the box and achieve great things. It stops us every time we decide to do something 'unusual and unique'. The 'bobo' instructs us to settle for mediocracy. It pulls us back flooding our mind with vague thoughts like, ‘what will people say?' and 'you will be laughed at for doing this'. But the strength lies in defeating that fear to live a life of greatness and enrichment.

Umair Jalianwala through his powerful voice made us realize how great our nurture can influence us. He told us how from the fears we hold to the words we utter mirror our environment. Then, he engaged us in various thought provoking activities. However, the best part was how he asked us to realize and overcome our long established fears and bad habits. He even went on to explain how simple it is and how the only struggle is to change our thoughts. Put simply it is our mind's game that fuels our believes and actions. Undoubtedly changing our long held believes for good requires determination and courage.

Quoting the lives of inspirational personalities and the game changers, Umair Jalianwala established that success requires shutting down the 'hobo' and dreaming big. And most of all to be successful one needs to have utmost self-confidence because humans are 'Ashraful Makhluqat (Greatest of all Creations)'. Allah created all of us unique and perfect and that alone should leave no doubt in our potential. Umair Jalianwala reminded us our Nobel status and asked us to tap our distinct talents to achieve utmost success and happiness.

His words encouraged me to rediscover myself. Among many things I realized how we shut our many doors because of preconceived notions and beliefs. There is so much to explore in the world but only if we remain neutral and perceptive to all ideas.
Time slipped by quickly! We only left wishing for more. I look forward to these thought provoking talks. With immense gratitude, I extend my heartfelt thanks to SWF for arranging such a wonderful talk for us!