Health Projects


Ammer-un-Nisa Foundation, a registered NPO is working extensively for the extension of health cover to the remote and far off areas in District Rawalpindi. FFC has been a partner of the foundation which since 2012 has reached out to over 50,000 deserving patients. In 2018, FFC has donated Rs 0.4 million for its medical program.


FFC CSR under its health care program extended financial support on humanitarian grounds to the natives of Sadiqabad. In the 2018, Rs 0.5 million were donated to cover support to 29 patients.


FFC is extending support to a remote dispensary providing vital health care to the residence of Chak Number 32 Sanjarpur. This includes provision of a qualified lady doctor for specialized mother & children health care as well as medicines. Rs 0.206 million were donated during the year 2018.


Hazrat Bilal Trust Hospital is a quality health care facility situated in Goth Machhi with provision free of cost treatment to over 0.1 million resident of the area annually. In view of its invaluable service to the deserving and the under privilege patients, FFC CSR donated Rs 8 million during 2018.


SWH is FFC CSR flagship health initiative, which is serving the underprivileged and deserving natives of Mirpur Mathelo with mostly free of cost as well as subsidized health services. SWH has state of the art facilities, and a special unit for Mother and Child healthcare under the supervision of a dedicated lady doctor. Annually, over 50,000 patients are treated at the facility which is a stamp on its reputation as one of the best medical center in the area. In the year 2018, FFC donated Rs 13.7 million to support the lifesaving services of SWH.


FFC through its CSR program has extended its support and assistance to organizations and institutes serving the Persons with Functional Limitation, in order to play our role in an all-inclusive society. Advancing this cause, FFC has collaborated with PFFL, an NPO working for the welfare and education of visually impaired people through donation of Rs 0.1 million.


PKPA is a leading not for profit health facility which is working on the awareness in general masses towards renal health and offering free of cost dialysis, consultation and medicines to the underprivileged and deserving patients. To support PKPA and the noble cause it serves, Rs 1 million were donated to the foundation in 2018.


FFC partnered with Pink Ribbon for the first ever dedicated breast cancer hospital in Lahore. The hospital will cater to the rising ratio of the disease. Prevalence of breast cancer is the maximum amongst all the cancers in Pakistan i.e. 38.5%. 1 out of every 8 women in Pakistan is at the risk of developing this life taking disease. Timely diagnosis and information related to self-examination are pertinent to improving the survival rate. FFC also illuminated Sona Tower in support of the Global Breast Cancer Awareness month marked October.


Humanitarian donation of a wheel chair to Ms. Nazeeran Bibi, a resident of Goth Machhi was made in order for her to attend to her daily tasks by minimizing burden on her kin an kith.

FFC Administrated & Supported Medical Centers

Hazrat Bilal Trust Hospital (GM) and Sona Welfare Hospital (MM) are faithfully working to provide quality healthcare to the underprivileged and deserving patients of the surrounding community. The hospitals annually treat approximately 150,000 patients.

In 2017, FFC CSR donated Rs. 24 million to support the operations of facilities.

Fight against Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C has emerged as the leading life threatening disease faced by the world and unfortunately, Pakistan is no exception. It is estimated, that every 8th person in the country is suffering from this disease. Under the CSR Healthcare initiative, the need to address this problem and actively engage through awareness and treatment, has commenced.

The program is targeting District Ghotki in the 1st Phase. This includes scanning for Hepatitis C among general public, treatment and mass awareness through engagement of local government and civil society to mitigate this deadly tide sweeping across Pakistan. Rs. 3 million have been donated for the project.

Collaboration with Heartfile

Heartfile, a registered NGO is working extensively to provide free of cost health care to the deserving patients across Pakistan. Recently, the organization has launched an online mapping platform for the first time in Pakistan, which links donors directly to the patients enrolled in hospitals through a digital profile.

To support Heartfile initiative for public healthcare, FFC has donated Rs. 1 million to support the treatment of four patients.

Medical Assistance Program

SWF has medical assistance program to support the eligible patients on humanitarian grounds, who are unable to finance their treatment. In 2017, this assistance (FF GM plant site) amounted to Rs. 0.5 million while equal amount was donated for the operations of a free dispensary in proximity of Plant site, Goth Machhi (Chak 32 NP).

Free Eye Camp in collaboration with Al Shifa Trust Eye Hospital - Distt Jhelum

In continuation with FFC CSR and Al Shifa Trust collaboration for free eye care treatment to the underprivileged, a free eye camp was organized in Distt Jhelum. A total of 1353 patients, including 746 female patients were treated at the camp. Out of this, 113 cataract patients were referred to the hospital for free eye surgery. The local community highly appreciated this activity, which till now has benefitted over 20,000 patients in the last 4 years.

Up gradation of pediatric department MH Rwp

To ensure quality health care facilities for the underprivileged SWF in March 2015 extended further Rs. 10 m for the acquision of modern medical equipment at PAEDS Department MH.

Collaboration with Shaukat Khannum Memorial cancer Hospital

SKMCH Peshawar is being established to extend quality health care facilities to the deserving patients of cancer which till now had no access to centers where treatment can be carried out for this life threatening ailment. SWF in January 2015 has donated Rs. 10 m for the establishment of pharmacy waiting area in addition to donation earlier for other allied facilities at the Hospital.

Development of Waiting Area and Renovation of Doctors - Accommodation at Basic Health Unit Jhampir


SWF constructed a new waiting area (fiber Shed) at the Basic Health Unit Jhampir alongwith the renovation of accommodation for doctors within premises of BHU Jhampir at a cost of 350,000/-

Donation to MH Pulmonology Department


SWF Donated Rs 3 Million to MH-Pulmonology department for procurement of state of the art equipment for endoscopic equipment.

SWF Collaboration with Al Mustafa Trust


Al Mustafa trust is a reputed Not for profit organization which is working for the provision of quality health facilities to the under privileged. In 2014 SWF and AMT have established hospital at sillan wali and in 2015 SWF has further extended donation for 2x state of the art lifesaving ambulances.

Donation to Cantonment Board


SWF is establishing lifesaving emergency care unit at cantt hospital Rwp which is one of the most reputed and established.

Collaboration with Shifa Trust Eye Hospital


In continuation with SWF CSR comprehensive eye care campaign in 2013-14, SWF & Al Shifa have again joined hands to provide quality and free of cost eye care treatment to the natives of remote and far flung areas of Rawalpindi District. The campaign, titled “Hope for Light” has commenced from 1st June 2015 and will feature 5 eye care camps at various locations throughout the year. SWF-Al Shifa estimates that in 2015 this healthcare service, free of cost will reach out to 10,000 patients of various eye related ailments. The camps are fully funded by SWF, where experts from Al Shifa will extend free of cost surgery, medicine and visual aids. In addition, SWF has donated ultra sound and biometry machine to further enhance AL Shifa capacity for provision of trusted and quality health services.   

Ambulance for BHU Jhampir


SWF CSR extended its donation to BHU Jhimpir with the provision of life saving new ambulance.

Autism Society


Autism Society Pakistan (ASP) is the pioneer initiative for children with Autism. ASP has established its resource center to extend education and inclusive programs to the children’s with autism. SWF is sponsoring 2 students at Autism Center with complete 1 year education and associated expenses, amounting to Rs 0.48 million.

Cantonment Board Hospital Rawalpindi

Newly equipped emergency section at Cantonment Board Hospital was inaugurated in Aug 2015 to provide quality health care facility to underprivileged masses. SWF contributed Rs 4 million for the project.

Breast Cancer Awareness Drive

Pakistan has the highest rate of Breast Cancer in Asia. One out of every 9 women in Pakistan is at high risk of Breast Cancer resulting in death of about 40,000 women annually. SWF CSR program has initiated Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign in collaboration with Pink Ribbon. The campaign was carried out across Pakistan 7 offices of SWF including plant sites.  


Pediatric Section at MH Rawalpindi has been upgraded to the most advance child care facility for the underprivileged communities living in and around district Rawalpindi. The newly equipped section was inaugurated by Senior Manager-CSR Brig Munawar Hayat along with Commandant MH in Oct 2015.

SWF-Red Crescent Blood Drive


To celebrate International Blood Donation Day which calls for the spirit of humanity, SWF in collaboration with Red Crescent organized blood drive at FFC-HO.  


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