Environmental Projects

WWF Nature Carnival

SWF donated Rs. 1 Million to World Wild Life Federation (WWF) Pakistan Chapter for the arrangement of a Nature Carnival at heart of Islamabad, F-9 Park. The Carnival was arranged with an aim to raise awareness among the general Public regarding the endangerment of many species of animals, decrease in forestation owing to expanding urbanization & excessive use of chemicals on land & in water which pose a threat to health & lives.

The Carnival proved to be a success with a turnaround of approximately 15,000 people, which included the citizens of Islamabad & Rawalpindi as well as students from Schools as far as Hasanabdal.

SWF – WWF Nature Carnival 2014

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”

(American Proverb)

SWF has over the years strived to adopt best security and precautionary measures in order to safeguard environment and lives of its working staff. Following are the initiatives undertaken by SWF in this direction

Green Planet
Renewable Energy


The Company has adopted all possible measures to safeguard the environment. SWF continues to introduce most modern and Environmental Friendly Technologies in its manufacturing plants. The bottom line for SWF operations remain its 3’R approach comprising of reduce, re-use and recycle. SWF has maximized water use by water recycling and minimizing the wastage of water. Regular technical training and safety sessions have helped SWF achieve zero accident ratios during operation at plant sites. In recognition for its efforts, SWF has been awarded many prestigious awards for its compliance with International Safety Standards (ISS). Some of these are

Certification of Quality Management System[ISO-9001:2008]
Occupational health & Safety Assessment Series[OHSAS-18001:2007
Environmental Management System[ISO-14001:2004]
Compliance with National Environmental Quality Standards [NEQS]

Green Planet

The total area of forests in Pakistan according to the recent estimate is 4.224 million hector which is 4.8% of the total land area. The deforestation rate in Pakistan is among top five countries in the world, which is a grave threat ignored so far. SWF has been working in partnership with Forest Department in plantation of trees in District Rahim Yar Khan and shall continue this partnership in future for district Ghotki as well.

Renewable Energy

In its diversification efforts, SWF has embarked on a Renewable Energy Project to install a 50 MW Wind Energy Farm at Jhampir in Sindh province to providing cleaner energy. For future, SWF has a plan to expand its output to 150MW. In addition, this initiative is also aimed to provide much needed relief to the on going energy crisis faced by Pakistan, as this will be a valuable indigenous addition to the power grid of the nation. It is also inline with the global vision of eco friendly natural energy and SWF is spearheading this sector in Pakistan. Some important facts about wind energy are:

Zero emission, making it the most eco friendly source
Economically suitable amid rising fuel prices
Indigenous inexhaustible energy source