Education Projects


Foundation University is a reputed educational institute which is imparting quality education to hundreds of highly talented and progressive students. As part of FFC CSR program for quality and affordable education to all, FFC has collaborated with Foundation University to support deserving and underprivileged students enrolled under various programs. In 2017, a sum of Rs 2.5 million was donated for this noble cause to support the deserving students, which in the current year has been further enhanced by Rs 1 million, making it a total of Rs 3.5 Million.


FFC CSR program regularly collaborates with national and international organizations for promotion of education. In 2018, FFC has entered into collaboration with Darien Book Aid (USA), a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) working for the promotion of education. A consignment of books for SPS&C library has been received to enhance students’ learning and development of skills & knowledge.


KEF is working for the provision of quality education and teachers capacity building in various regions of AJK. To honor the work by KEF, FFC donated Rs 0.4 million which will be utilized for the education of underprivileged students.


FFC-CSR program has placed promotion of education as its primary element to widen the blanket of education cover to deserving & underprivileged students. FFC supports Government Institutes on continued basis so that missing facilities and services are ensured to provide unhindered education. Projects undertaken during 2018 amounting to Rs. 5.5 million approximately are listed as follows:

UPGRADATION OF SCIENCE LAB: A Multipurpose lab, developed for education & scientific activities of students enrolled at Government Girl Higher Secondary School Old Sadiqabad was badly damaged due to heavy rains a few months back. In order to ensure unhindered educational activities, FFC CSR donated Rs 0.197 million for the up gradation of the lab.

INSTALLATION OF RO FILTRATION PLANT: Based on the request from Principle Government Post Graduate College of Commerce (RYK), FFC donated Rs 0.0945 million for the installation of RO plant for the provision of clean & hygienic water for the students.

NOTE BOOK AND SCHOOL BAGS: FFC through its CSR program supports and promotes education on continued basis for the under privileged and talented students. As per past practice and our mandate, notebooks and school bags were donated to Government Schools in Goth Machhi in 2018 as well. A total of over 13000 notebooks for Urdu, English & Math’s in additional to 139 school bags were provided.

ESTABLISHMENT OF MODEL SCIENCE LAB SADIQABAD: District administration Rahim Yar Khan RYK initiated a project of Model Science Lab in Government School with the aim to improve conceptual understanding of students ranging from grade 3 till 8. In view of its significance FFC CSR donated Rs 0.299 million for the establishment of 1st Model Science Lab at Government Girls Higher Secondary School Old Sadiqabad.

UPLIFTING OF GOVERNMENT SECONDARY SCHOOL AHMED PUR LAMMA: Government Secondary School Ahmed Pur Lamma is providing quality education to over 300 students from local community. However, due to non-availability of class rooms, both the education activities and students of the institution were greatly suffering. In view of this dire need, FFC CSR has donated Rs 2.5 million for uplifting of Government Secondary School Ahmed Pur Lamma. This include a Sona block comprising of 4 class rooms with a total covered area of 2040 square feet and associated facility.


Uplift and rehabilitation work was undertaken at the following;
a) Govt Girls Elementary School (Sona Goth) and Govt Girls Primary School (Goth Machhi)
b) Civil work and general uplift at Govt Girls Primary School Mazhar Fareed Colony Sadikabad.

The Govt Girls Higher Secondary School old Sadiqabad was facilitated with the provision of sports equipment as per request.


In order to make access to quality & affordable education convenient for the natives of Goth Machhi, FFC has adopted 6 Schools in the proximity of plant site GM. As a patron, FFC supports the schools through Infrastructure Development, Faculty and Allied Services.

PROVISION OF QUALIFIED TEACHER & STAFF: In order to support educational activities, 6 government school have been developed around Plant site Goth Machhi. At present, FFC is providing 26 qualified teacher & staff to these schools in order to make quality education accessible to all.

FINANCIAL AWARD TO TOP PERFORMING STUDENTS: Owing to company’s support and patronage of creating healthy competition, FFC adopted schools have become symbolic with top quality education and achievements. Students Waqas and Mursaleen from Government Boys Primary School Sona Goth secured 1st and 3rd position respectively in Tehsil Sadiqabad during PEC examination for class 5th. They were awarded with a stipend amounting to Rs 0.015 million for this outstanding achievement.

SONA PUBLIC SCHOOL & COLLEGE: SPS&C is FFC’s flagship program for the promotion and provision of quality educational opportunities to all. Established in 2007, the state of the art institute has over 550 students enrolled, with an overwhelming ratio of female students of over 40%. SPS&C offers free of cost as well as subsidized education in addition to allied facilities like transport, solar energy station, computer center etc. In 2018, Rs 16 million has been donated by FFC CSR for the operations of the institute.

FFC SCHOLARSHIP- CADET COLLEGE GHOTKI: CCG is providing quality education to the natives of Ghotki. Post 2012, FFC has sponsored exceptional talent at CCG with complete financial expenses. At present, 17 students are enrolled under FFC patronage. Rs 3 million has been donated in 2018 for the subject scholarship.

SONA WARDS OF FARMER’S SCHOLARSHIP: SWOF scholarship, initiated in 2006 extends financial assistance to the talented and deserving students from across Pakistan through education stipend to cater to their financial needs. Annually, 67 students based on merit, are selected from regions including Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Baluchistan, AJK, GB, FATA and ICT. Currently, 208 students are enrolled under this program in various disciplines with over 50 partner universities and colleges. CSR Department’s dedicated scholarship desk, entertained 135 claims during the year 2018 with Rs 2.89 million disbursed as stipends to the enrolled students.

MERIT SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME – SADIQABAD & MIRPUR MATHELO: FFC awards 40 annual scholarships for professional studies to the talented and deserving students hailing from Tehsil Sadiqabad and Mirpur Mathelo. 53 claims amounting to Rs 0.8 million was allocated as educational stipend to students.

EXTRA- CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: In order to promote creativity, innovation and encouragement to local talent, FFC CSR funded various extracurricular activities in our adopted schools at Goth Machhi for 2018. Series of events in this reference included sports matches, arts, debate, essay writing and general knowledge competition among the students of adopted schools. In 2018, Rs 0.25 million were donated to the schools for this activity.


(1) FFC CSR collaborated with NFC Institute for the Chemical Engineering Project Innovative Competition with a donation of Rs 0.1 million.
(2) Humanitarian educational grant to female (disabled) student, Goth Machhi
(3) Humanitarian Educational Grant to Orphan Children Goth Machhi
(4) Child sexual abuse awareness program was conducted at our plant sites for teachers and parents. Seminar was conducted on in collaboration with our implementing partners Pakistan Innovative Services.

Adopted & Assisted Schools Goth Maachi - Up gradation & Uplift

SWF, continually engages with the Govt. schools in the proximity of plant sites in order to enhance the capacity and potential as well as to improve the allied facilities. Under this mandate, up gradation amounting to Rs. 0.315 million has been undertaken in Govt

Boys Primary School (Sona Goth) and Govt Girls Elementary School (Sona Goth) for construction of new boundary wall. Govt Girls Primary School Saleh Muhammad Shah, with 300 girl students was missing a dedicated staff room for teaches, proving as a great hindrance to the teaching faculty. Based on request from the administration, SWF has constructed a dedicated staff room with veranda at a cost of Rs 0.35 million. The up gradation of Secondary School Chandrami (Goth Machhi) was completed which included a toilet block with tuff tiles as well as other associated work. A donation of Rs. 1 million was granted for the up gradation work.

Provision of Teachers & Support Staff

SWF supports its adopted schools through appointment of teachers and associated support staff, in order to supplement the educational standard. As of now, 28 teachers have been appointed through FFC. Rs. 4 million were donated in 2017 as salary to the teachers and staff. Details are as following: -

Scholarship at Cadet College Ghotki (CCG)

CCG is a prestigious institute, which is offering quality education to the students of Ghotki. From 2012, SWF has provided scholarship for the students from the district. As of now, 18 students are benefiting from SWF scholarship at CCG, which amounted to Rs. 5.1 million in 2017.

Partnership with Kashmir Education Foundation (KEF)

KEF is a registered NGO which is engaged in the provision of quality education for the underprivileged and deserving students. KEF has established a chain of institutes in AJK and Rawalpindi, which also includes a teacher training centre. For 2017, FFC has donated Rs. 0.367 million to KEF for free of cost education to twelve enrolled students.

NUST Scholarship Program

In line with our vision of providing equal opportunity to students for availing education, MOU has been signed between FFC and NUST for the establishment of FFC permanent scholarship at the institute for deserving and talented students through NUST endowment fund. Rs 2 million have been donated for this project.

Foundation University

SWF will be sponsoring 11 students, including MBBS and undergraduate program at Foundation University in 2017 in line with our vision to make education attainable to students. The collaboration for 2017 carries a figure of Rs 2.599 million.

SOS village Support

SOS village supports orphans from across Pakistan in a homely and progressive environment. Owing to our long standing partnership with them, Toyota Hiace has been donated by FFC to the institute to cater for various educational and associated activities. The total cost of contribution is Rs. 3.88 million.

Govt Deaf and Defective School

The institute, for over two decades has accommodated students from across Rawalpindi District with disability in hearing and speech. In the last few years owing to non-availability of water, boarding facility was abandoned. Upon request received from the administration, FFC undertook the project for the provision of complete water solution for the institute, including drinking and other needs which has been completed in May, 2017. The total cost of the project was Rs. 0.31million.

Help Care Society

Help care society is working for the provision of education to underprivileged students through its institute established in Lahore. At present it is running two campuses in Lahore which are benefiting 581 underprivileged students with free of cost education. In recognition to its services rendered since 1998, FFC partnered with HCS in 2016 through a donation of Rs 1 million which will be utilized to fund the expenses of students at the facility.

Special Education Academy (SEA)

SEA is a specialized institute established at Rawalpindi in 2016 which is working for the education and social inclusion of students with functional limitation. SEA utilizes the skills of highly trained faculty as well as modern aid to groom the children to feel empowered and being productive members of the society. SEA required the provision of education and supporting equipment which included smart screens, ambulance, playing area, civil works, waiting area etc which FFC funded in 2016 through its CSR program. The donation amounted to Rs 2.387million. A Grand inaugural ceremony was held at the campus.

Microsoft Office Championship

MS Office championship is a unique platform where student from across the Globe compete to display their expertise in MS office programming. In 2016 FFC has sponsored 250 students for the National championship with winners eligible for world championship USA. Subsequently, 3 students from FFC Sona Public School (MM) qualified for the world championship held at USA. Shahzaib Ishaq and Waqas Ali secured bronze medals during the competition. FFC proudly financed the travel expenses of the students as well.

Tanda Ghambir

Govt Girls High School Tanda Gambhir was serving as the sole education facility for the girl student of the remote village situated at AJK. In 2011, owing to massive rainfalls and flooding the entire school was destroyed, placing the education of girls at stake. The community requested FFC to support the reconstruction of school which was undertaken by CSR department. The challenging landscape and remoteness of location was overcome through dedicated effort which resulted in the construction of new state of the art building in record 7 months’ time. Once again the girls of Tanda Gambhir have found their path to progress through unhindered education.

Adopted Schools

To support and promote educational activities in adopted and assisted schools around FFC plant site Goth Maachi various initiatives were undertaken. In 2016 total donation amounting to Rs. 8.1m was disbursed. This includes 20 annual scholarships, provision of note book and stationary, infrastructure development and salary of teachers supported by FFC in Government Schools. Presently, 52 institutes in district RYK Ghotki facilitating over 1500 students have benefitted from our program.

Sona Public School & College

Since 2007, SPS & C has been serving the community by providing state of the art institute committed to education. Presently, over 550 students are enrolled and given equal opportunity and platform to excel in curricular and extracurricular activities. In 2017, Rs. 19 million were donated to maintain subsidized quality education at Mirpur Mathelo. Sona Public School & College has 500 students including 217 girls availing quality education at Mirpur Mathelo. Over 35 % of students received complete fee exemption while the remaining availed fee subsidy in 2016. Rs 19 million were donated by FFC to support the activity in SPS& College. The institute maintains exemplary results in all competitive exams with 100% statistics. Established in 2007, the school serves as a beacon of hope for the community in its proximity.

Ward of Farmers

SWOF has been successfully running for over a decade with a vision to educate and empower the farmer’s children. SWOF program through monthly stipends, support post matric and higher education. In 2017, a total of 165 claims were new processed while total enrolled students under this program come to 260. Stipends worth Rs 6 million were disbursed during 2017. SWF - WOF was initiated in 2006 with the vision of making access to quality education possible to farmer’s children. 164 ward of farmers Nationwide through monthly stipends are being supported at present through financial assistance against post matric and higher education with annual 67 new enrollment in 2016. Rs 6 million have been allocated annually for the initiative.

First Book America

SWF spearheads the access to education for the underprivileged which dates back to over a decade. This contribution received international recognition as first book USA partnered with FFC in 2016. A donation amounting to 3700 $ against children book was made by first book America for FFC community school, MM and other schools supported by FFC.

30 seater Bus for Munir Arshad Memorial Trust

We support to various NPO with the vision of making education accessible to all. For this Rs 5.9 million have been donated by FFC CSR for the provision of 30 seater student’s bus at MAMT, Multan which is provided quality education to under privilege students.

Collaboration with FC College

FFC successfully concluded as partnership with FC College for the sponsorship of 7 students for Rs 5 million were donated to FC College over a period of 4 years.

Technical training center Daharki

To promote skills and new talent at MM FFC under took a massive program at TTC, Dharki which concluded construction of multipurpose state of the art multipurpose hall and auditorium with donation of Rs 26.5 million the facility has been completed and handed over to the administrative of TTC Dharki.

NUST leadership summit

50k was donated to support the event held in Islamabad. The event focused on motivating and integrating the students from various universities in Pakistan and create interactive environment.

Nust Olympiad

With regards to SWF support for the NUST Olympiad 2016, Rs0.3m were donated for the activity to NUST.

Donation to SOS Village

2lack were donated for the welfare of the children in SOS Village.

Microsoft Office Championship

This event is organized for students from across the globe to demonstrate their exceptional talent and skill in the field of Information Technology. SWF is committed to the provision of opportunities and platform for exceptional talent from underprivileged communities in 2015. SWF has offered sponsorship to 100 student from Goth Machhi and Mirpur Mathelo Schools for participation in online test. SWF also plan to support the expenses of selected students which will be selected for world championship in USA.

Donation to Falah Foundation City of Education

In continuation with SWF assistance to Falah Foundation in 2014, SWF has in 2015 extended its further support for the construction of Hostel Building at Gen. Mushtaq Baig Campus Chakwal. SWF support to the establishment of quality education facility for the under-privileged and children of shuhdah’s now amounts to Rs. 15 millio.

Assistance to Public Library Thatta

In order to promote education and extend maximum educational opportunities to the under privileged student from remote communities, SWF has donated reputed books to the newly established community library at Thatta.

Construction of Govt. Girls High School Tanda Gambhir, Poonch AJK

Residence of village Tanda Gambir lodged a humanitarian appeal to extend SWF assistance to Govt. Girls High School Tanda Gambhir construction, which was completely destroy due to flash floods in August 2014. SWF in view of the significance associated with the Girl’s school, being the sole facility for the surrounding villages has undertaken the construction of a new building for the destroyed school, in order to facilitate the academic activities for female students. In this reference MOU was signed with education department Azad Jammu Kashmir and the work has commenced on the project. It is expected that the school will be ready by Aug, 2015.

Adoption of School at Rawalpindi

SWF in collaboration with the citizen foundation one of the leading education sector NGO has adopted a school in the surrounding of Rwp General Fazal e Muqeem campus is extending quality education to the deserving children of the community on minimal charges.

Humanitarian Assistance for Students @ SZABIST

Educational Scholarship to Mr. Rayyan Jamil, student of BSCS at SZABIST Islamabad. Complete educational expenses of 3 children’s of late Mr Yousaf Louis.

SWF Collaboration with European Center for Leadership

European Centre for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Education has initiated a student and faculty exchange program to America’s leading universities. The program is aimed to equip the delegates with innovation in learning and teaching skills which are in practice in America and leading European countries. SWF delegation comprises of 8 students and one faculty member from SWF School, on a 3 week long educational exchange visit in the 1st week of June.

Collaboration with Tameer e Millat Foundation

5 wards of employees have been extended complete DAE program scholarship (inclusive of boarding and lodging) at Tameer e Millat Institute of Technology, with total students availing the program stands at 10.

FC College-SWF Collaboration

SWF since 2013 has extended full educational scholarships to 7 students at FC College Lahore for graduate and undergraduate program. 3rd year annual donation amounting to Rs 0.939million was extended in August 2015 by CSR Dept.

Higher Secondardy School Jhampir

SWF CSR has undertaken a comprehensive upgradation program at Govt High School (Jhimpir). The scope of interventions included renovation work, newly built infrastructure, establishment and equipment for science lab as well as overhauling of school bus.

Young Leaders Conference

A 20 member SWF delegation was part of 2015 YLC, held in Islamabad by School of  Leadership (SOL). The event is organized annually to induce team work, initiative,  skill development and leadership among over 300 students participating.

Partnership with LUMS

SWF successfully concluded its sponsorship to 2 talented and deserving students at LUMS for their undergraduate degree in Nov 2015. SWF sponsorship included academic as well as all associated expenses of the students during the entire 4 year program.